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After operating Property Preservation Business for a decade, I'm revealing my proven strategy on How to Start a profitable Property Preservation Business Preserving HUD Foreclosure Properties So That You Can

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want to copy my proven strategy to run a profitable PP business?

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Length of time:

20 hours (5) day Classes: Up to 2 hours online daily zoom meetings and 3 hours homework assignments.


Elvis Collier, you are highly commended for your service to the residents of Lee County, for having and maintaining a business that adds to the financial well-being of FL and for your willingness to participate in social betterment activities.

Well done Elvis Collier! The world can use more good news!

The staff of Local Search Force that runs the County Advisory Board

Whether you are a lawncare professional or the owner of a janitorial cleaning business

One commonality you share with other small business owners is growing your business and in search of a profitable long-term contract.

Your goal is to position your business to be ready when opportunity cross paths with desire.


At this instant is when you can seize the moment…

  • Have you ever dreamed of having more work than your two hands can handle? 
  • Have you ever envisioned having crews to assign PP work orders?
  • Have you ever imagined having a fleet of vehicles leaving your warehouse headed in the field?

If so, you’re on the right track.

Our PP Training Course Prepares You For Such An Occasion.

In fact, numerous small business owners have manifested their visions.  Studies have shown that small business owners with written business plans consistently enjoy greater income, higher self-esteem, happier families and relationships, and even better health.

Unfortunately, many marginal business owners remain small “mom&Pop” businesses because they still believe that only a lucky few are afforded high volume contracts in their fields.

Or did they simply discover how to access a knowledge from individuals they inspire to become?

Here are a few Gold nuggets You will 
learn from this Informative Property Preservation Course

how to perform property preservation services

Learn how to perform property preservation services on HUD Foreclosure properties by taking our training course with Elvis Collier, a certified small business consultant and a seasoned ten-year PP veteran where he shares his wisdom, knowledge, and PP understanding.  This is an eye-opening course that awakens the powerful contractor within you.

Learn How To Confidently Walk, Talk And perform Like A PP Expert

In our 5 days (20 hour) training course (an average of 2 hours per day online training), plus three hours homework study, Elvis trains you to find and confidently learn how to walk, talk and perform like a PP expert. Able to demonstrate to any HUD national with your natural charisma, and captivate any person that you are competent and able.

powerful nuance of property preservation practical processes.

This program is designed using EMR’s AcuDoc system- making learning about PP as intuitive as possible. Each two-hour classroom session is followed by 3 hours individual study of daily lessons.  Each lesson teaches you a small yet powerful nuance of property preservation practical processes.

learn how to speak & perform as a seasoned PP vendor.

Even if you’re nerve-wracked or introverted. Even if you’re completely inexperienced. Even if you think property preservation isn’t your strong point - let Elvis guide you through the process and you’ll emerge with the breathtaking ability to speak & perform as a seasoned PP vendor.

As each day goes by, you pick up more and more advanced skills and by Day 5, you will likely be one of the best informed PP vendors in your region.

Elvis was very professional. I appreciated everything that Elvis did for me. Very happy with Elvis and making the process easy to deal with. I will highly recommend him.

Sylvia H.

Meet Your Trainer:

Elvis Collier is the owner and operator of Emergency Management Restoration, Inc, headquartered in Fort Myers,  FL . This is a highly regarded microbial cleaning services company in Lee County.

Some of the services Emergency Management Restoration, Inc provides include: FIRE DAMAGE, WATER DAMAGE, COVID-19, CRISES CATASTROPHE RESTORATION.

When it comes to providing expert cleaning services, nothing takes the place of experience. Elvis began working in microbial remediation services 15 years ago and started Emergency Management Restoration, Inc in 2005.

One of Emergency Management Restoration, Inc.’s  goals is to provide their Lee County clients with professional, high quality, and affordable services. People often choose Emergency Management Restoration, Inc for microbial remediation services because as professionals, the team’s primary objective is to restore your peace of mind by employing prompt and thorough curative action to restore your contents and structure to pre-disaster conditions with uncompromising results to your complete satisfaction.

All of Elvis’s technicians have taken a series of classes in specialized areas of cleaning, inspection, and restoration and passed a standardized exam, so you can be confident your property is being restored to the highest industry standards.

The result, one of the most successful microbial remediation companies in Fort Myers! 

Having owner operated experts, like Elvis providing knowledgeable and expert care is an asset to Fort Myers and Lee County, FL .

Business owners take risks and often work long, exhaustive hours to service their clients. There are freedoms in owning a business, but these freedoms come at a cost. 

Rarely acknowledged are business owners like Elvis Collier that employ people and ensure their staff are paid continuously.

Sure, people earn their wages through their time, hard work and skills, but let’s take a moment and thank Elvis for having and continuing the business ownership game that allows people an opportunity to produce and earn those wages.

Need microbial remediation services? Give Emergency Management Restoration, Inc an opportunity by calling them at (239) 219-9491, and you’ll speak to a real person.

In Addition To Running A Successful Microbial Remediation Business, Elvis Supports The I.I.C.R.C And Has Received Over 13 Different Environmental Certifications.

Trainer Credentials:

  • Elvis Collier has earned 13 microbial certifications in the environmental industry
  • Author of AcuDoca systemic approach to PP, including AcuDictionary written text of PP phraseology.
  • Awards: Among the prestigious awards and honors bestowed upon Elvis for his extensive work as a professor as an Adult Education trainer,
  • Honors: ACE Lehigh Senior Honors “Staff of the month”, First American Property Solutions PP Contractor of the Year: The City of San Diego native manufacturing engineer General Dynamics.

Elvis Collier has appeared in:

The Lee Pitts Live Show

Certified small business consultant for FGCU/FSBDC

What You'll Learn

  • Learn who the players (Nationals) are and compete for a contract!
  • Learn how to complete a vendor application!
  • Learn how to successfully process a work order.  You were born to succeed as an entrepreneur
  • Learn the administrative side of PP business: how to receive and delegate a work order
  • Chalkboard Teacher
    Learn how to use our AcuDoc system for processing work orders:
  • Chalkboard Teacher
    Learn how to communicate effectively in PP lingo.
  • Chalkboard Teacher
    Develop Unshakeable Confidence and set benchmark trends that cannot be erased:
  • Chalkboard Teacher
    Dust off the nervousness and anxiety, and wow nationals/clients with your cool sense of confidence and authenticity.
  • Chalkboard Teacher
    Learn how to become an over achiever in the property preservation (PP) industry:
  • Chalkboard Teacher
    Learn how to make your clients: know, like, and trust you… gain the confidence of your clients.
  • Chalkboard Teacher
    Learn the administrative side of PP business: how to receive and delegate a work order
  • Chalkboard Teacher
    Learn how to use social media, as a tool to leverage your business and set your company apart.
  • Chalkboard Teacher
    Learn how to harness your crews’ techniques… discuss their experiences: what works and does not work.
  • Chalkboard Teacher
    Learn how to win more estimate approvals which means increased revenue.

It's time to become a top performing PP vendor

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What Makes the Workshop So Special? 

 It’s all about the Coaching.

  • Get 1-on-1 feedback from your coach in virtual zoom meetings
  • Leave with confidence knowing you “got this”
  • Feel confident about your PP training
  • check
    After the 2-Days of Zooming, you’ll know you have made the right decision

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an opportunity to ask questions following the training?

Absolutely… We love questions!

Do you offer group coaching?

Yes.  We have attractive group rates

Would you be willing to visit and train at our facility?

Absolutely… accommodations apply

Will we receive a certification of completion?


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