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Why Choose EMR

3rd Party Lab Results

Third-party Certifciations: Independent Lab Testing will provide certifcation that your home or business has passed air quality tests.

IICRC Certified Technicians

 Our technicians have taken a series of classes in specialized areas of cleaning, inspection, and restoration and passed a standardized exam, so you can be confident your property is being restored to the highest industry standards. 


24/7/365 emergency service

When you need help, speed and quality are paramount. EMR has got you covered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

property damage loss can turn your life upside down

Just like you, we experience the rich tapestry of our lives in the places where we live, where we work and where we play. When disaster strikes, we understand how the very foundation of your life is shaken. Property damage and loss is unexpected. Disasters are traumatizing. EMR exists to heal the hurt and restore your peace of mind; we are driven by this standard. EMR understands how meaningful it is to recover your quality of living. We see ourselves as more than a company; we are a principled organization with a passion to help you.
As professional restorers, our primary objective is to restore your peace of mind by employing prompt and thorough curative action to restore your contents and structure to pre-disaster conditions with uncompromising results to your complete satisfaction.


Even a small fire can cause serious damage to your property. If not properly restored, odors can linger for years as heat and moisture draw out odors. Our restoration professionals have detailed expertise in smoke removal, odor eradication, soot and ash elimination, stain removal, toxicity removal and restoring balance to the environment..


 Our expertise would not be complete without a detailed knowledge of water extraction and drying. Moisture remaining in your property can lead to mold, mildew, and dry rot if it is not properly extracted and dried. Our restoration experts use the most effective water removal and drying methods.




Storms, wind, tornadoes and other dangerous weather can arise at any time. It’s important to have a plan of action not just before a storm hits, but afterwards, when you have to deal with storm damage. We are your trusted partner to help you through the storm damage restoration process so you can get your life and house back to normal.

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No one is ever prepared for the unexpected.
But, when unexpected happens: EMR is here to get you through it (with your sanity in tact).
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Frequently Asked Questions

My insurance adjuster recommended a restoration company. Do I have a choice?

Yes, you have the right to choose your restoration vendor, you are the sole decision maker on what company will perform work in your home or business. The law prevents insurance companies from controlling – directly or indirectly – which restoration company you use to restore your property after a loss.

Why do I need to use an IICRC- Restoration Company?

It is important because the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) developed the industry standard for water damage mitigation. Certification assures the customer that trained, experienced technicians are on the job site. Experienced, certified companies, such as Emergency Management Restoration Inc., know how to provide restoration services that protect not only the structure, but also you and your family’s health.

My insurance company told me to get several estimates. Do I have any choice about that?
Yes. Ask EMR to settle your claim directly with your insurance adjuster. You are free to select a qualified, established industry leader like EMR as your contractor. Once you select a contractor, your insurance company must deal directly with that contractor. EMR can then work with your insurance company to make sure you receive fair market value for the costs of your repair. Your insurance company is aware of the real costs associated with a qualified, experienced contractor.
Or…You can do your insurance company’s work for them by getting several estimates. They will then choose the lowest bidder. But the truth is that you get what you pay for. When it comes to repairs to your home, your most important asset, the lowest bidder may not always be your best choice.
Should I call my insurance company before I call a restoration contractor?

80% of all disasters occur at night or on the weekend.  In these cases, you do NOT want to wait to contact your insurance company before calling a restoration contractor.  Standard homeowner’s insurance policies obligate you to prevent additional damage to your property.  Failure to do so may violate the terms of your policy and put you at risk for additional expense.  EMR can make sure that your property is secure and prevent additional damage.  Once your insurance company is notified, we will work with your insurance adjuster and manage the claim for you so you get the most from your policy.  We can also assist with inventory and documentation of damaged contents for your claim.

How much does it cost to repair damage?
Every damage restoration project is individually priced to meet each customer’s specific needs.  EMR only charges you for the work we perform, not a standard flat rate per job.  By customizing every quote, our customers only pay for the services they receive.  Our state-of-the art detection instruments and performance techniques allow us to pinpoint the damage, saving you time and money.
We understand the ordeal faced by our customers after disaster strikes their life.  We do not want to add more difficulties by charging high service fees.  The insurance industry has already established prices per specific scope, so price is never an issue only scope.
Can EMR manage my claim for me?
Many property owners find collecting on an insurance policy to be an uphill battle. Lack of experience with property damage and the insurance claim process can put you at a disadvantage when dealing with the insurance company. EMR can help even the playing field by managing your claim for you. All you need to do is sign an authorization form identifying us as your selected contractor and we will start negotiating directly with the insurance company.
Your insurer should explain all the coverages that are available to you so that you have enough information to understand the claims process. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen – and when the policy has been damaged in the disaster, property owners may find themselves without any information at all. Our extensive experience with the insurance claims process helps you to get the most out of your policy, keeps your restoration moving forward at a brisk pace, and gives you a sense of serenity – so you can get back to your life.

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Elvis was very professional. I appreciated with everything that Elvis did for me. Very happy with Elvis and making the process easy to deal with. I will highly recommend him.”

Sylvia H.
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

Elvis is personable, professional and a pleasure to work with. He examined my damages, assessed my needs, and left me feeling very secure about my project. Would highly recommend his services.

Kim A.
Project: Remove Unwanted Water

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